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Payment & Pricing

Payment & Pricing

Payment Methods

ASASA uses the payment systems of Revolut and Paypal.

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The prices of the offered goods are those, indicated on the website of at the time of placing the order. The prices of the goods include VAT, in cases where its charging is envisaged. ASASA reserves the right to change at any time and without notice the prices of the goods offered on the Site, and such changes will not affect orders, which are already placed. The change in the price is valid for the users from the moment of its announcement on

ASASA may provide discounts for the offered goods on the site. The rules applicable to such discounts are available at the place where the discount is displayed. Discounts can be provided in various forms (e.g. promotions, loyalty discounts, provided individually, randomly, or as a result of participation in a competition or customer survey).

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